"Vol III - The LUT" published

Posted April 7th, 2020, 4:54 PM

Cover of Vol III Part 1 of Bricks in Space

After much procrastination and fiddling with my N1-6L, Volume III of "Bricks in Space" is done! Contrary to previous volumes, it only has a single MOC, but it contains in two Parts and over 400 pages the complete instructions to build Nathan Readioff's LUT.

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This is the "Bricks to Space" series of books
Click on the images to see more and download a free copy. Currently volumes I through III are available, more books coming soon!

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Bricks in Space Vol II, Part 1: Moonshot!
Bricks in Space Vol II, Part 2: The LUT
Bricks in Space Vol III: Meeting the Pantheon
Bricks in Space Vol IV:
Bricks in Space Vol V: New Horizons


Author's Collection

Author's Collection

In the summer of 2017, browsing while inspired by the news about successful launches and landings of Space X’ Falcon 9, I discovered the most beautiful Lego model I had seen since the classic space cruiser: A Saturn V rocket, realistically scaled at 1:110, and its production had just been approved after a kickstarter-like campaign on lego-ideas.com. For the first time in my life, I bought a Lego model for myself, not as a present. My kids and I spent some happy hours assembling it, and even more time telling and re-telling the story of mankinds flight to the moon, and the adventures of Apollo 13, and all of NASAs often so glorious history.

I wanted more of that, and to my delight I discovered building instructions for a Skylab space station at the same scale as the Saturn V. Soon Excel sheets were created, Lego boxes plundered and weird pieces ordered from exotic places. Skylab was soon joined by an exotic pantheon of classical-named rockets: Juno and Jupiter and Mercury. For my kids and for future refernce, I decided to collect the treasures available in one place. The result was this series of books, which I hope to finish in the years to come. You can donwload the PDFs for free further down on this page. I do not take donations, but would like you to ask to share these and any other creations for free whith your kids and whoever is interested in them, My gratitude goes to all the designers, builders and Lego fans who made this possible.

Email: mnemon@ametria.org